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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

YStech Co.,Ltd.
April 2005
50 million JPY
Board Member
Chairman Kojiro Terasaki (president of Yushi Seihin Co.,Ltd)
President Kenji Takehisa
Director Seiji Kitano (Dierecotr of Yushi Seihin Co.,Ltd)
Director Taichi Okayama (Sales department manager)
Auditor Toshiaki Ueda
Head office・ Factory・ R&D
40-11 Minamiseiwaencho, suita-city, OSAKA, 5640038, JAPAN

US Office
12747 Olive Blvd, Suite 300, St. Louis, MO, 63141
TEL:314-872-2129 FAX:310-316-1910

Toronto Office
Product line
Products for Clean room : Inner gloves, wiper, and related products
HEATPROOF : Label, Tag, Ribbon, Printer, Labeler, Scanner and related products


March 2002
Yushi Seihin started the business of inner gloves and edgeless wiper for clean room as the successor of Asahi Kasei Fiber.
April 2002
Started the production at Ayabe factory
April 2005
Establish of YStech Co.,Ltd. Business was transfered from Yushi Seihin.
August 2005
Transfered production from Ayabe factory to Suita Factory.
Transfered head office from Kitahama (Yushi Seihin ) to Suita.
April 2010
Transfered HEATPROOF business from Yushi Seihin.
May 2011
Installed 18G knitting machine for inner gloves production.
September 2012
Installed coating machine for HEATPROOF products
April 2013
Transfered sales department of HEATPROOF business from Yushi Seihin. Completed business transfer of related department of HEATPROOF from Yushi Seihin to YStech.
Opened Toronto office
March 2014
Certified as " Global Niche Top 100 company " by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
April 2019
Transfered trading division from YStech to Yushi Seihin
May 2021
Opened US office in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.




Head office/Factory/R&D
40-11 Minamiseiwaencho, suita-city, OSAKA, 5640038, JAPAN